Tuesday, June 16, 2009

SECURITY MEASURE (Beware of dog)

As a defense measure against spam or bot-created blog accounts, blogger/google asks you to fill out one of those things where you re-type a distorted word or phrase that a bot supposedly can't make sense of.

The one I just had to do before creating this blog was "yogidrhfi".  The word was so stretched, bent and contorted that it took me three tries to type it correctly.  It was a rubbish word to boot, not making my guesswork any easier.

In  their attempts to keep spammers/bots out, I think the powers that be (TPTB) have also kept out many an innocent would-be blogger/bullshitter.  Poor guys and gals.  I bet there's one wretched soul in Yemen who just wants to share his brilliant thoughts with the world, and he's on his 232nd try to create a blog, but he just can't figure out the damned security word.  Hey Joey, why don't you try "yogidrhfi." It worked for me.

Since I don't want any people with IQ > 83 to read my blog, here is a security word to keep out all undesirables:  


Now retype that in the space provided.  Good, now only the feeble-minded shall read this blog, which is the way i want it.  Enjoy and have a nice day!


  1. bubonic = also inflamed armpit lymph node to add some extra prettiness to your blogsite!

  2. You're so awesome Lawrance! I'm your secret admirer... =p . ooh heeheehee!

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